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Honoring Nature

A central part of our mission is to assist in reconnecting people to our Mother Earth, the elements, plants, animals and fellow humans. We want to help shift humanity from a competition mindset, to one of cooperation and mutual benefit. For millennia ancient cultures have honored the land with rituals, offerings, and prayers to express their gratitude for the earth and all of her blessings. We are inextricably connected to all things in nature and we believe our health is directly related to the health of the environment. In healing our relationship with nature we not only heal the environment but we also heal ourselves.



Deepen your connection with Mother Earth on our 24 private acres, surrounded by miles of walking trails. Go on mindfully guided walks through the forest. Enjoy the sounds of nature...and nothing else. Star gaze at night during one of our overnight retreats. Rediscover your ancestral roots. Rejuvenate the mind, body & soul. 


Enjoy your meal waterside, immersed in the sights and sounds of nature. All of our meals are prepared with ingredients that are organically grown on the property, locally sourced and organic when possible. Prepared sustainably & intentionally to provide the most delicious & nutrient meals.  A mindful culinary experience that is sure to be memorable.

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Enjoy a dip in the refreshing spring fed pond. Sustainably treated with beneficial microbes to ensure the cleanest & clearest swimming hole. 

Ropana Retreats

Enjoy yoga, meditation, breath work & wellness workshops while steeping yourself in the serenity of the wilderness. Take your shoes off and ground yourself in the soft green grass.


Experience the night time sky of Vermont.


Enjoy the peacefulness of star gazing, completely unobstructed by any light. 


Ready to join us?

Now is a great time to add in some extra self-care or get started on a new wellness routine. Summertime is the most beautiful time to visit Vermont. Nights are mild and cool, fresh fruit & veggies are plentiful. We hope to see you at a retreat soon & join you on your wellness journey!

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